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Friday, 03-Apr-2020
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We have changed the way the council housing waiting list works. Please note this website and housing register is no longer in use.

In order to be considered for social housing in the Hinckley & Bosworth area and to be included on the housing register you will nee to make a new housing application online by visiting www.hinckley-bosworth.gov.uk/findingahome. We have also implemented a new Housing Allocations Policy in line with the new system.

You will no longer be able to 'bid' on properties in other council areas using the council website. If you have a local connection with another Leicestershire District or Borough Council then you will need to apply to them directly. If you do not have a local connection with Hinckley and Bosworth Borough then your application will be rejected. Please note, as part of the Housing Allocations Policy review, our local connection criteria has now been updated.

If you do not already have an e-mail address then now would be a good time to explore obtaining a free e-mail address in time for the new Choice Based Lettings system. You will need an email address in order to access the new customer portal where any correspondence regarding your application for housing will be uploaded. This will include notification that your application has been activated and the housing need band that you have been awarded. The customer portal is also the place where you will be able to upload any documentation required to support your application, and also where you will be required to log on weekly to 'bid' on available properties.

If you wish to discuss this with anyone in further detail or need help and support setting up an email address, please call a member of the Housing Options team on 01455 238141.

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