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Wednesday, 29-Jan-2020
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Priority Scheme

The Priority Scheme

Leicestershire Choice Based Lettings uses three things to put applicants into a priority order to receive offers:

  • Local connection
  • Priority Bands
  • Application (effective) date.

If you are applying for council and housing association rented accommodation your application will be placed in one of 4 bands:

  • Priority Housing Need
  • High Housing Need
  • Medium Housing Need
  • Low Housing Need

For a detailed explanation of the bands click Priority Scheme - Housing For Rent.

If you are applying for HomeBuy or shared ownership properties, the property developer can only proceed with those who are assessed as being able to afford this type of housing. For more information click on www.homebuy.co.uk.

The priority needs bands are part of the Hinckley and Bosworth Housing Allocations Policy. By law Councils must allow housing applicants to see the policy they are using to make letting decisions. To download a copy of the Housing Allocations Policy please click on Housing Allocations Policy.

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